Thursday, 19 July 2018

Your Mum!

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Teams are strange beasts, a team is more than the sum of its parts. A team changes its members and a member changes their team. Most of the teams I have had the pleasure of being a member of have defiantly had a fun messing around vibe to them. With a very silly sense of humour...

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I used to think that was the secret to get the most of people, let them be relaxed and laugh a lot, really enjoy their time at work, but when I look around and talk to people from other teams, not all teams are like this, some good teams are quite serious.

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How does this affect my theory? Well I remember reading about a QA team that started to become known for going to extreme lengths to find defects, eventually this developed into a culture where they wore black and sort of had this evil vibe. The team was amazing and did very good work. But years later the team still exhibited all of its traits, but none of the members were the same...

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I guess that each team is its own entity, and as long as all the people on the team are happy with the way the team runs and the culture of the team. It leaves an opportunity for the team to really gel, if all the people on the team enjoy or are willing to accept the culture then the team culture can be valuable. But also a culture from a strong direction could also have the potential to exclude certain people form feeling at home.

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So I guess for now my team goes on with the your mum jokes and playing around! Hopefully this all leads to some good products and value delivered.

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