Wednesday 24 February 2021

Leadership Learning

Here is a list in no particular order of some sources of knowledge I have found inspiring lately, definitely worth a read if you manage people.

Elastic Leadership amazon

This book really helped me to fill in my thinking around why when you aim to make teams autonomous sometimes you end up falling back to a more command and control style structure, and how to get back to autonomous self-learning teams.

Drive amazon

A must-read if you're interested in what motivates people, which is often contrary to the way we operate by default.

Start with why amazon

A great look at leadership and how to inspire people. 

Leaders eat last amazon

A follow up to start with why, I love reading these books as they really draw a great picture of what a leader should be and how they should act.

Back to human amazon

Back to human is a great look at how to build a connected and engaged workforce, how to be an effective leader, and more.

No Rules Rules amazon

A great look into the thinking behind how Netflix inspires innovation through autonomy and trust, I really liked their thinking around increasing performance through talent density, basically having the most performance from the least amount of people, I can see how this will reduce work through reduced communication channels.

Spotify engineering culture youtube

A great couple of videos about how Spotify encourages innovation and learning, so many great concepts, and a fun look inside a really interesting company.

Asynchronous development for hybrid remote dev teams website

A really interesting look at how remote engineering teams can work, although not really leadership related understanding how to set up a great remote working environment is only likely to become more important in a post-pandemic world where most engineers and companies have now seen how productive remote working can be, and that was when done in a panic, how much could we get out of remote working when we really take the time to optimize it.