Monday, 6 February 2017

Spend more time refactoring!

Hey You! Moron! You should refactor more!

Why? Because you suck! and you don't want to suck anymore! Your team will benefit from deeper understanding of the codebase they are working on, they will ask that which would otherwise remain unanswered. What makes code look good? Is there a better way of achieving this functionality? Could another library be easier to use? If I put some effort in will I be proud of my work?

No! you moron! Refactoring isn't a word for just changing code! Its when you change the code without changing the functionality! And no your code shouldn't be all red and broken the whole time! It's about making tiny little steps without breaking the code so that you don't mess it up! Why? Because you're a human! you make loads of mistakes! Get out of my code you mistake making noob!

Right now we have that settled, refactor in a separate step! a separate commit! that way other morons can pull it and keep working and they won't get merge conflicts! IT'S EASY! you can prepare the codebase for a new feature, make sure it still works! Think about it! working code! You might be able to ship a product that works!


Read a freaking book!