Wednesday 28 September 2022

I joined a team that doesn’t do stand-ups (SEND HELP!)

You join a team that doesn’t do stand-ups, after your initial panic what do you do? Just book the daily in? You can’t do that! You’re a leader that values your teams opinions and works to understand them, after all it’s their team as much as it is yours.

How about listing what you’re missing and see what they can do to fix that? If they fail you can justify your sorely missed daily!

Requirements List:

  • You need to understand the state of the team, how tickets are progressing and how far along they are
  • Knowing about blockers are a must, you need to unblock them!
  • Understanding the plan for progressing the ticket is important too!

You try a daily slack reminder where people can write the old yesterday, today and blockers in, but you’ve been walking the board for years now and this feels like a step backwards!

Focus on the board seems to be important, so you propose:

  • They keep tickets updated with comments on progress as they move forward
  • When picking up a ticket for the first time a plan is added for the day
  • At the start of each day add a plan for the day to the tickets you’re working on

This becomes very hit and miss until, you unlock the power of the WIP limit! By reducing the amount of work the team is processing at once updating the board becomes much less effort, also you can quickly digest the current state of the team!

This was me six months ago, now I can happily say I don’t miss the daily stand-up any more and asynchronous communication is a super power we should all be unlocking.

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