Wednesday 1 August 2018

Blogging Update

So you may have noticed that my blogging has increased significantly of late, last month I made more blog posts than I had in the previous 4 years. It has been really rewarding and has lead to a lot of interesting conversations with people about some of the topics posted.

Why the sudden increase? Well, I have always wanted to blog more but really struggled to get them out. There were many draft posts in different states of completeness sitting unpublished on my blog, so it was time for a different approach, first downsize posts to make them easier to write, then try to develop a daily habit of shipping a post every day. By reducing my size and quality goals I have managed to produce a lot more content and I can work on increasing the quality over time. Is it really quality if no one sees it?

I've managed to quickly resurrect some of the half-written posts and break them into small series as well by just changing my mindset to at least ship something every day. And while I managed most days last month I started on the second and I did have one day where I was ill and didn't write a blog.

It's also strange because I watch quite a bit of fun fun function and he posts every Monday morning and I remember watching one of his videos and it was quite short and I was like man, way to phone it in. But now I think about it people who make this kind of content are just people that are successfully maintaining a habit of regularly producing content, they're not superheroes! Sometimes it's hard to keep up, like today for example when I'm posting in the evening due to being very sleepy this morning!

Well, hopefully I can keep this going for a bit and maybe settle on a slightly different schedule over time, produce and reflect!

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