Thursday 2 August 2018

Dictionaries for constructing condition-less logic

While I don't recommend removing all conditional logic from your systems, lots of conditions can often be a sign in my mind that the design does not match the problem being solved. Normally I would expect freshly refactored code to be lower on conditional logic and for it to increase heading up to the next run of the design being refactored.

We can start to move the conditional code out into a dictionary, this makes it more open closed principle compliant and less risky to add new functionality to the system. It's great if you've identified that this area keeps changing.

We can take this further and create registration methods so that if we are in a shared piece of code the upper levels or consumers of the code can add additional functionality that will have access to things defined at a much higher level.

In the long run, some of these patterns can be used with care to reduce the amount of confusing logic that is all in one place. so that the core flow of the application is easier to understand.

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