Sunday 15 July 2018

Inspiring Creativity

Hey Moron!

People are awesome! Even you!

Why do you think that google offer 20% of work time to work on whatever you want? so they can steal all the awesome ideas? well maybe, but that's beside the point! It also really helps to inspire people's creativity. While it's all good to hire and train your people to be the most super awesome workers ever if they aren't inspired to do work through creativity, pride and self-motivation you're probably wasting a lot of output. Imagine if you could make all your workers increase output by 5%! in a 100 man company that's like hiring 5 more people! You do the math!

While I don't think there is a recipe for making this happen there is a guaranteed way to stop it happening! So let's start from there! Here's what not to do!

Be over controlling! (Micromanaging)

Have no trust in people to do the right thing!

Discourage open discussion!

So next time your colleague suggests an idea, encourage them. Yeah I know they're a moron and it's a terrible idea! But play it through with them and they will either realise it or it might become more than you could imagine it would be =]

Read a Freaking Book
Peopleware - Tom DeMarco

Work Rules - Lazlo Bock

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