Sunday 29 July 2018

Test First Pipeline

So we've gone from testing after the code has been merged to master to testing before it is committed and it's great. But I think we can go further, what I suggest is that we test before we develop, much like TDD, testers and the PO would design UI/Acceptance tests before it is coded. Then the tests are run before the code is merged, much like TDD this helps to guarantee the code is testable before it is created.

This would also require stronger working between developers, testers and business analysts, hopefully resulting in a good working environment focused on quality. I think this mentality would also be good for teams, always thinking about how something is going to be tested and the impact on quality, as many times in development the issues arise because of one role not sufficiently supporting the others.

The whole team can also decide on the scope that requires testing if there is to be any manual testing, what parts are likely to break etc.

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