Monday 23 July 2018

No More Iterations

Once you start doing continuous delivery what is the value in doing iterations? Surely one of the reasons we go for smaller iterations is to allow work to be reprioritised every week. So once we deliver when a story is complete can we not just allow work to be changed straight away.

I see it as the PO is in charge of the backlog and they can change work whenever they want, just not change the work someone is currently working on. You can still track work based on a fixed timescale if you want velocity, and do demos and retrospectives on a fixed timescale, we can merge planning and backlog grooming/refinement into a single session where we estimate and review work this can be fixed but can also just be arranged ah hoc by the PO when a session is required.

Hopefully this should give us greater flexibility to respond to change and go from plan to reality. Though there might be some difficulty hitting your tooling to work like this, but you can still set a time period in them I guess... It would kind of be nice to have a tool with a in progress area and after a story is completed once a certain amount of time has passed it goes into the completed log.

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