Tuesday 3 July 2018

Javascript packages in JSCore on iOS

unfortunately most javascript packages are either designed to work with a browser or in node.js using the CommonJS module loader. When working in JavascriptCore you aren't really using either of these.

Loading the Scripts
Download the scripts from NPM or via a CDN/Github. Ideally you want it in a single file as this is going to be much easier for you to load.

Browser packages
for a browser package it will normally check to see if it is running on a browser by seeing if the window object exists, and will often add its output to the window object. Duplicating this can be pretty simple, just evaluate a script that says var window = {} before running the packages script.

CommonJS/Node packages
Node packages use the CommonJS module pattern, they often check to see if they are running in a platform that supports this by checking for the existence of module and module.exports objects. You should be able to replicate this by adding var module = {}; var module.exports = exports = {};

You will run into further problems trying to import multiple files that use the commonJS module system, as this system uses a function called require() to load packages from disk.

CommonJS in Javascript Core
In theory you could implement a version of common JS within JSCore by adding a require method that loads and caches the contents of separate files.

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